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social media campaigns  

We help you identify your goals and then achieve them. The wide range of social media services that we offer can help you increase your audience by building a community, which means more sales, more revenues - and more growth.  

Multi-channel marketing

First we help you identify your target audience, then we find out the marketing channels that are most accessible by your audience. We will help you choose the platforms where your audience is most active. 

Growth strategies

We will layout various growth strategies to you based on your pain points, and then we will mutually decide which growth strategy is best for your situation and goals. We plan and execute long-term strategies that will bring you consistent growth.  

Niche focused

At Omni, we help you identify your niche target audience, and we develop strategies that are focused on that niche only. Trying to target all the segments consumes excessive resources and doesn't provide any results. 

We specialize in planning and executing digita​l marketing campaigns.

Google Ads 

Through Google Ads and PPC, we help you create online ads to reach your audience exactly when they are interested in your products or services. We work with you to allocate the best keywords to your campaigns based on your budget. 

Google Analytics 

This is where we analyze our digital marketing strategies and Google Ads campaigns for you. It will help us identify the areas in which we have improved, and the ones that still need improvement. 

Social Media Marketing 

It takes more than great content to drive engagement. We do not only provide you with optimized and valuable content, but we also help you build a whole community for you using the right tools and tactics on your social media. 

Campaign Planning Process

Initial Meeting

We start by having a meeting to discuss your goals and needs for your project. You tell us about your needs and we will identify the ways in which we can help you.


This is when we decide what type of content and platforms we need to reach your audience and how your business can be developed using the power of digital marketing.


We'll implement digital marketing campaign by working closely with you. We'll ensure that your digital marketing plan is optimized and maintained. 


We'll analyze campaign's performance to ensure that all your needs and goals are met. Here we will use specific metrices to measure the success of our  campaign.