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Game up your credibility using user-generated content

If you consider authenticity and credibility a product of user-generated content, we’re on the same ground. Let’s dig deeper!

When unbiased content from the most trusted source - customers - is published to online platforms is called user-generated content. When used right, it is the strategy that converts!

I bet you read the reviews in the comment section to decide whether I should purchase wireless earbuds or not. You also consider the consumer-driven reviewing platforms to make a purchasing decision. Well, I am hearing “Yes”. That’s great! Let Omni Branding  describe to you the whole process of which this brand loyalty and credibility is the outcome. 

What  is  user-generated content?

Simply, any text, picture, or video shared by an individual voluntarily who is not a member of the brand community comes under the umbrella of user-generated content. It can be social media posts, third-party review websites, Q&A forums, or blog posts.

As far as the concern is of brand authenticity, low-credible and high-credible brands are differentiated based on user-generated content strongly nowadays. Consumers find UGC 9.8 times more impactful than brand content when making a purchase decision.

Why is user-generated content important?

When struggling to bring brand promise to a specific angle, user-generated content will get you there. As UGC seems to be authentic, people are more likely to trust it rather than brand-created content. The importance of this customer-centric content is:

  • User-generated content campaigns increase the chances of user involvement helping brands to achieve their marketing goals cost-effectively and efficiently.
  • User-generated content promotes free-hand creativity creating engaging content from impactful audiences.
  • This builds social proof amplifying the conversions and sales.
  • Increases brand advocates attracting new people.
  • User-generated content is emotion-driven content giving a humanized touch that makes it easier for people to trust and understand the brand.
  • User engagement builds an online community that takes part in constant content creation with hassle-free marketing.

Brand and user-generated content is a match made in heaven if used properly.
Just think: People trust other people. Word of mouth matters!

Types of fun user-generated content

The concept of user-generated content gives unique opportunities to individuals to put their opinions, comments, and suggestions in front of the public to help them in decision-making. The following are the common types of user-generated content.

Content posted on social media

As social media networking sites grow in numbers, so does user-generated content. There are millions of influencers all over the world who post videos, images, and text on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn wearing and experiencing different products and services. Brands hugely take advantage of this When people engage with this type of content, this creates a sense of brand credibility.

Video content on Youtube

With billions of users on Youtube, it is the biggest source of user-generated content. An unboxing video of any tech-oriented or fashion-related product can easily drop a desire of buying in your heart. Your heart pushes you to order instantly when you watch a video in which an influence is eating spaghetti in a restaurant.

Reviews and testimonials on big platforms

People love reading reviews and testimonials because they get valuable guidance from an individual who has used the product or service before. These comments reflect the product quality and brand credibility.

Social media hashtag campaigns

Coca-Cola’s “Share a coke” campaign, Apple’s “shot on iphone” campaign, and Starbuck’s “white cup contest” campaign are witnessed to be three of the most challenging hashtag campaigns which are used by the brands to gather social media posts, reviews, and video content. Did you ever participate in a hashtag campaign?  

Events with customers

Any kind of presence at a big event - a seminar, a fun booth with interactive contests at some festival, a branded hashtag - can create huge audience engagement for your brand. These interactive events hold the power to attract, connect, and persuade people and convert them into potential customers. Consider the above-mentioned types of must-have strategies to increase user engagement, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand advocates, and sales. Apply it in all seasons - no matter what the product is!

Consider the above-mentioned types of must-have strategies to increase user engagement, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand advocates, and sales. Apply it in all seasons - no matter what the product is

Where does user-generated content come from?

User-generated content comes from customers, employees, and brand loyalists.


These are people who don’t always consider you for the purchase but they do share the images and videos on their profiles. One of the best ways to ask for their reviews and content is to drop in a message or email right after they have purchased from your shop.


You can share stories of employees of how they feel like working with you or how the product is made - to create a sense of originality. It can also be a behind-the-scenes video.

Brand loyalists

They are the fans of your brand who just consider you for their purchase and want to praise your products all the time. One great example is Apple users, who think that SAMSUNG can’t overtake it.

Well, content is mostly shared by people under the age bracket of 30. Millenials of age 25 are more likely to contribute over 70% of all UGC. They also consider 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted than any other forms of media.

Having fantastic reviews and amazing content is already a success but using them to enhance your reputation and connections will do wonders. Creating content on UGC by respecting UGC creator’s viewpoint builds a stronger baseline and online community.

How a brand can incorporate user-generated content into its brand management?

This cost-effective option will make it easier to achieve your content goals and you’ll not have to grind your mind in gathering different ideas. To use user-generated content in your brand management, just go through these practices and make it worthy;

Purpose of UGC

Whether you are looking forward to guiding people on using your product, helping your customers to make a purchasing decision, or cementing your base, define it clearly. For example, you can create highlights on Instagram named “how to do it” and start putting in the stories in which they are “using your product”.

Don’t forget to tag the original creator

As you know, taking permission is the first and foremost step toward repurposing the creator’s content. Having permission doesn’t allow you to repurpose their content without tagging them or giving them a credit. Be it a website, Instagram profile, Facebook page, or Twitter tweet, don’t forget to make your customers feel special 

Share different voices

Some people are not well-known in the community and still tag you while uploading the videos in which they’re using your product. Keep reposting and repurposing their content too so that they don’t feel left behind and your content reaches a wider audience. A famous user-generated content example for this is Fenty Beauty brand which reshares content daily from diverse communities.

All you need to do is understand user-generated content and make it a part of your strategic planning.

Final words

Not only does collecting texts, images, and videos will make a difference and build a competitive edge in the market, but how the marketers are using them should be a consideration. With increased brand awareness and boosted social endorsements from the customer’s side, maximizing audience participation and engagement from brands is also a prime concern.

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